Are you a singer, songwriter or producer looking to hire a session guitarist? Are you looking for your songs to have that radio sound to them?

Erik has the experience needed for you to add high-quality, custom guitar tracks to your music and understands the importance of tailoring his playing for the song while adding captivating elements that stay true to the song's essence. 

Even if you don't live in LA, you can send files directly to Erik to work on at his home studio!

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"Erik has a unique playing style coupled with a vibrant imagination that makes him an incredible musician to work with. His committed work ethic and understanding of the big picture of your project make him a great team member with a talent that shines."
- JES (songwriter/musician, Ultra Records/Intoneation Records)

"I take great pride in recommending Erik Himel for sessions and music production work. He's the ideal combination of new ideas, musicality, great guitar chops, sounds, parts, and vibe. Recently I put him up for a record date with producer/drummer/songwriter/Rock N' Roll Hall of Famer Matt Sorum. Erik went to the date without previously hearing the music and ended up playing on more than twice the tracks he was called for. I know I can send Erik to the date and it will be great."
- Paul iLL (songwriter/musician, 24 million sold as bassist, 4.5 million sold as songwriter)


Below you'll find samples of a variety of different styles of music that Erik has recorded ranging from singer/songwriter, acoustic, electronic, dance, rock and indie.



1. Tell Erik About Your Project

Reach out to Erik with your project information via the contact form.  Please be as detailed as possible regarding what you're looking for, and please include a link to a sample of your music. 

2. Book Your Session

After a price and project timeline have been established, a 50% deposit is required to begin.

3. Prepare Stems and Send Files

  • Files can be either .mp3, .wav or .aiff.
  • Please provide the correct bit-depth, sample rate and BPM of your session.
  • Please make sure that all plugins are INACTIVE on the master bus before exporting stems.
  • Please label all stems in the following format (Song Title, Instrument, BPM, Sample Rate). "Song Title VOCAL MIX 120BPM 48"
  • Please do not send your entire session over.  Please send only a few separate stems (Drums, Bass, Scratch Guitar, Synth, Keys Vocal) to make workflow much easier. 
  • Your stems should start at the absolute beginning of the song session so everything lines up when you import our tracks (1:01:000).
  • Feel free to include guide guitar tracks, chord charts and any reference tracks you may have.

4. Pre-Production

Once your deposit has been received and your stems have been uploaded, pre-production can be discussed via email, phone or Skype.  This is a chance to communicate any additional thoughts and ideas on how your tracks come to life.  After this step, tracking can begin.

5. Final Tracks and Delivery

Once tracking is complete, you will receive an email with an mp3 preview.  After final approval, and after payment for the remaining balance has been received, Erik will deliver the stems directly to your inbox.